How to desinfect your car

Mar 18, 2020

How to disinfect the car without damaging it?

If much of your routine includes your hands on the wheel and you want to protect yourself from viruses and bacteria, you may be wondering how to disinfect the car without damaging it. Carrying out a deep cleaning is very easy, the key is in the products you decide to use.

If we start listing all the products you can’t use, you may feel discouraged, but the good news is that there are easy-to-find products that, in addition to disinfecting, will protect the integrity of your cabin.

Cleaning products that do not harm your car

1. Soap

In position number 1, we find the famous and well-known soap. Liquid hand or dish soap is very useful for cleaning microbial threats as well as removing dirt particles.

2. Cleaning wipes

Disinfecting cleaning wipes can be very useful when disinfecting your car parts like buttons, drawers, and belt clips. If your car has leather seats, we recommend using makeup remover wipes that, in addition to cleaning agents, have ingredients that moisturize the leather.

Cleaning products to avoid

Make sure you never use these products in your car:
•    Alcohol
• Alcohol-based cleaning products
• Bleach or chlorine
• Acetone
• kerosene

In summary

Follow these tips:
• Soap is always your best bet.
• Avoid bleach except for simple plastics.
• Do not use solvents.
• Hand sanitizers contain alcohol, which can dry the leather. Use leather conditioner to keep it healthy.
• Clean what you clean; don’t let the chemicals linger.
• Prioritize the surfaces you touch: buttons and switches, rearview mirror, even the gas cap.

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